In cyberspace it's allowed.

For reasons of history and habit, these columns almost always appear toward the end of the month. It's questionable whether changing that custom would be worth the effort. Though it's ultimately a matter of negligible import, were I to move the "publication" dates of the columns to the beginning of the month I'm sure I'd find a large number of events worthy of being mentioned in the traditional date tie-in that accompanies each column. That, however, doesn't seem to be on the agenda, and I'll have to continue to find events that occurred close to the end of the month.

I've commemorated a wide variety of events over the years. Almost always the event is the item of interest, rather than the date itself. But that has been known to happen. I've uploaded columns on my mother's birthday, and on the day she moved out of her house. I uploaded a column on Israel Independence Day, and I made a special effort to upload a column on February 29. This is, however, the first time that I've uploaded a column on a date that doesn't exist. It's admittedly a bit strange, but it still seems like a good idea. The date "belongs" to the Erich Kastner children's book "The 35th of May", a fun, but apparently almost totally forgotten book by the author of the better known "Emil and the Detectives". One of the first instances of what today we'd call a cellular phone appears in the book. Considering that when the book was published cellular phones seemed like science fiction, but today are ubiquitous, perhaps sometime in the future a few extra days in May will be run of the mill as well.

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