It's been known to happen.

Ordinarily when I come across a web site with dubious (or perhaps even close to impossible) navigation, the content isn't of much worth either. I suppose that there should be a rather logical correlation between the contents of a site and its usability (though the opposite isn't necessarily true - there are many sites that are easily navigable, but lack any content worth the navigating). I have, however, encountered some sites that I've wanted to link to, or quote from, yet found myself stymied when I'd try to find more information about it - who prepared it, what else of interest was available on the site, and more. I admit that there's something strange about this. Often, a fair assumption is that the navigation on a site has been changed, but whoever did the changing simply forgot the particular page I'd found. In cases such as this some digging around usually brings up a main page or some useful information about the site. But there are instances where even this doesn't work and there's no reuniting orphaned information, interesting as it may sometimes be, to an author or to a clearly defined parent site.

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