No need to search for a date tie-in this time!

Though the Boidem has been dormant for a bit over five years (and only slightly active the year before that) I still get asked about it, albeit only occasionally, and truth be told, it's still quite prominent in my own mind. That doesn't mean that the posting of the first edition of the Boidem has any particular significance in the history of the internet, or of information technologies in general, but my choice of date tie-ins throughout the years has been totally subjective anyway, so why shouldn't I toot my own horn here.

Perhaps a more pertinent question should be why, considering the title of this present column, am I posting this now, rather than waiting an additional year. The answer to that question, however, is very simple - at first I'd thought that I'd reached the twenty year point and thus knew precisely what the title of this column should be. That was the catalyst for my decision to attempt a come-back, and once I'd made that decision, discovering that I was off by a year wasn't a good enough excuse to postpone.

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