Does anybody care about what happened to RSS?

As opposed to Facebook that almost never appeared in these pages, I mentioned RSS a relatively substantial number of times. RSS clicked for me as soon as I became aware of it. I was sure that it was the right, and obvious, direction for an information-oriented environment to go in. I envisioned each user defining for his or her self what was important to them, and then, rather than positioning themselves in the middle of the flow with the hope of catching at least a few drops of a torrential stream, dipping into that stream of information at a pace they set for themselves. Obviously, I got something wrong - though I don't think it was the basic idea. Instead what I got wrong was thinking that this would be what people actually want. My mistake probably stems mostly from assuming that information, and access to it, play truly significant roles in people's lives. It made sense to me that people would want to control the flow. But it turned out that for the vast majority of people this wasn't really important. People seem to be happy, and satisfied, as long as the stream keeps flowing.

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