And it's not just from traveling

I suppose that at first we feel a more or less natural thirst toward being exposed to what we aren't yet familiar with. The internet didn't generate that thirst, it only expanded its reach. Not too long ago we relied on the airplane to achieve at least part of what the internet does for us today. That being the case, even if today it seems more than just a bit quaint, it's easy to identify with the idea of "Traveling Broadens One". Filter Bubble notwithstanding, I'm convinced that our travels on the web can't help but continue to broaden our horizons. But it's a good guess that there's a limit to how broad we find it worth being. At some point most of us start to feel a strong attraction toward the idea of "ignorance is bliss". Do I really have to know that? What difference does it make? Maybe I'm better off not knowing!

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