... it used to be called a discussion group.

It's a take on the guy who didn't know that he spoke in prose. For years online, e-mail based discussion groups (and newsgroups as well) have been connecting people who share a common interest in a particular topic. And why shouldn't they? The technology permits precisely that. Hundreds of thousands of people are writing messages to cyberspace, and you want to read those that deal with a topic that interests you. And if, through doing so, you establish new friendships, that's the same sort of thing that you expect would happen when you attend a lecture on a topic that interests you and meet like-minded people there. So it's fair to say that we're all always in the process of seeking out and building community, but that we used to call it making friends.

ONElist has certainly jumped on the band wagon.

The company offers a very simple service:

In other words, like countless other (non commercial) e-mail based messaging services, you can easily correspond with like-minded people on chosen topics. You can use e-mail in one of the pleasant, constructive, and admittedly time-consuming manners in which it can be used. And if you like, you can even call it community, and really be in style.

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