Retro, perhaps. But still a techie.

People don't like to be identified as technologically (and especially computer) illiterate. (Of course they don't like to admit that they don't know how their cars work either.) But there are those of us who aren't particularly flattered by being identified as the opposite. It's probably all posing, but we've quoted Oscar Wilde (more than once) on that already. I'm sure that I wasn't the first to play around with the idea of identifying the holder of the CD-ROM drive as a cup holder (I seem to recall a supposedly true story, though undoubtedly it was an urban legend, about a technical call complaining that the cup holder had broken off that made the e-mail rounds years ago), and I doubt that this particular cartoon was a first either.

But it's one thing to make fun of people who have no idea what a computer does, or how to use it by telling the cup holder joke about them. Telling it about yourself is, perhaps, a way of distancing yourself from an aura of techie-ness which may be identified with success in our society, but still leaves a great deal to be desired.

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