You know Napster has won when ...

It was the day before the courts delivered their verdict. Napster was open, though I'm not sure I was downloading anything at the time. I noticed that someone had tried to download a wonderful piece of music from me, but had met with technical difficulties - around halfway through the download it had been terminated for some reason. I sent off an instant message to the downloader, saying something like "it's a great piece of music, so maybe you should try again tomorrow". We exchanged a few messages back and forth in a pleasant, though non-commital conversation. At one point I noted that the piece that he'd been trying to download was good enough to merit purchasing the CD.

It was at this point that he responded in a way that convinced me that ultimately Napster will win; in a way that demonstrated just how much a part of our daily lives a tool such as this has become. His response:

Yes, I already have a copy, but I'm too lazy to go downstairs to get it.

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