Looking back.

Three years seems to be a proper time for taking inventory.
  • The VCR that was relatively new back then has become a much used and rather central part of our daily lives. We've learned that casettes can be, more often than not, preferable to whatever is on the television, and we've learned to tape programs which we'd like to watch but can't sit down to see while they're being broadcast. Maybe one day we'll also learn how to get around to watching these.
  • We no longer use a rotary phone, and can thus be kept on hold after pressing any button.
  • We've become quite adept at using our microwave which by the time we purchased it was hardly used for warming bottles, but has proven to be among the most useful of our technological possessions.
  • Of course there's a stereo (with thirty year old speakers), and a couple of computers. We are still, strange as it may be to admit, a one television family.
  • Tzippi still has her cellular, though she probably uses it even less than three years ago. And as for me, perhaps it's become somewhat of an obsession, but so far I've successfully resisted getting one. The car I drive daily to Tel Aviv has a cellphone holder, but if I'm driving it remains empty.

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