About the date, again.

No, this didn't reach the web on the noted date, and to tell the truth, not even on a day close to that date. The subject matter (though not where the content would lead) was ready, but taking shape in one's head is a different process than taking shape in bits (or on paper for that matter). This took much too long to come to fruition, though only part of that delay was due to gaps between the mental picture and the generating of the bits on the computer. The other part was a long list of ongoing projects that somehow seemed to metamorphose from project to project, as each one reached completion, something like the many-headed hydra in the Hercules story (I admit it, the Disney version) that my boys were enthralled with during the summer.

Still, the basic idea for this column was to start an exploration of Metaphors of the Web. I thought it would have been a fitting birthday subject for the twelth installment of this column. And since there's no early or later on the web (now there's a topic to examine), this can still be a birthday installment, and the continuation can wait for some other occasion.

But while on the subject of dates, there were three candidates, all fitting, for a date tie-in. I hope to get around to linking them in the not too distant future (stay tuned, but I'll find a way to make the announcement):

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