It's hard to make sense with a crying baby in your hands.

These columns are usually written late at night. That's the time I have available for them. In that respect this particular column isn't different from the others. But while writing the previous columns I wasn't running back and forth from Hila's bed to find her pacifier and get it back into her mouth before she wakes her mother, or holding her and trying to calm her in one arm, forcing me to hunt and peck with only one hand on the keyboard after over thirty years of touch typing.

Hila is actually (so far?) an extremely cooperative baby, meaning that she lets me get work done at night. But occasionally she's cranky, and if I'm holding her to try and keep her quiet, and instead of quiet I've got crying in my ears, well, circumstances such as these seem to take their toll on my writing. Between sentences, for instance, I seem to forget what it was that I wanted to write. What was the topic again?

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