How should this column properly end?

I like that ending. It has the right flavor to it. It's respectful after a bit too much irreverence. But it's not the whole story, and when you catch an information wave you can sometimes keep with it a bit beyond the optimum, preferable, ending point.

So it is with this column, and with the Alon Cohen Memorial. The memorial also has a guest book where visitors to the site are invited to leave their comments. Reading the comments gives one quite a bit of information about Alon Cohen because many of the people who leave comments knew him and want to tell something about him (to whoever reads the comments).

But the guest book is also a place for strangers to leave platitutes (typos and spelling errors in the originals):

Do these comments add to the memorial? Not in my opinion, but the wave doesn't stop for, or at, my opinion.

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