Is this the way you'd memorialize your pet?

These are two examples taken from the main Virtual Pet Cemetery page. I have to admit that though the "Blackie" rhymes aren't particularly poetic, there is something touching about it. And as for the vignette about Touche Turtle, it's a wonderful story, told by a capable teller - the sort of thing that attracts us to "show and tell", and makes suring the web worth while. Who are the people who have offered us this information, and what do they expect our reactions to be? That remains unknown.


Here lies Blackie,
Chased a car,
Caught in the muffler,
Dragged through the tar,

Around the corner,
Across the track,
He might not be dead,
But he never came back.

But if he is, This I pray,
He's running through green fields, At play.
Chasing frisbees Eating Rump Roast round,
Up in Heaven, Not here in the cold, cold ground.

A Labrador Retriever, One of the best,
He saved a child, they put medals on his chest.
Beloved by all, Especially my niece,

Touche Turtle -- R.I.P.

When I was a small child, I was given a Desert Tortoise as a pet. I loved him dearly and named him Touche Turtle after the famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon character. One day, I was shocked to find that Touche had dug himself into a burrow and had died. I was heartbroken, and was afraid to touch him for a couple of days, but I decided I had better be brave and give him a decent Christian burial. I put him in a cardboard box, dug a deep hole in the back yard and laid him to rest with a few improvised words and a bier of flowers from the garden. As time went by, I adjusted to the loss of my cherished pet, until several years later, when I discovered to my horror that Desert Tortoises hibernate through the Winter. I'm sorry Touche...where ever you are! Please forgive me!

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