... you can get there from here.

Experienced readers of these pages probably know that it's close to impossible to find a direct link to something in the Boidem. Everything seems to pass through a filter that explains, apologizes for, excuses, or in general simply adds more uncalled for writing to the process of getting to a page you never knew you wanted to get to anyway.

And so it is with this page as well. Okay, so I've changed the main contents page. Who cares? Is it really necessary to save a copy of the old page to show what it looked like? Probably not, but it's in the nature of this sort of medium (and my relationship to it) that everything gets put away someplace just in case.

The impetus to make a change in the content page came from the October 1999 column. That column examined various internet page design sins, and why it is that I'm guilty of many of them. But though I choose to be guilty on various counts, it's not mandatory to do things wrong purposefully. Making the latest edition of the Boidem the first seen on the contents page is a logical design decision; a decision that's been simmering on a back burner for quite a while. Now (then, depending of course on when you read this) was the time.

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