... and with them, their links, their content, their whatever.

I have to admit that I approach the idea of updating pages with a certain amount of trepidation. A page isn't only the information that can be found on it, but a snapshot of a particular moment in (cyber) space and time. Changing it seems to call into question the entire idea of a common, accepted history. True, it seems only helpful that a list of sites gets changed, modified, corrected, or whatever, and if new information gets added, and the out of date removed, who can complain. It's all part of the flow.

But a page (for me at least) has a history, carries a certain character, and I don't always feel comfortable changing it to flow with the information. Which of course raises the questions: what do you do instead?

Until now, other than a couple of very minor changes, I've done nothing. So this is more or less a first experiment with updating, and even more than the rest of this column, it's a work in progress. The main question I ask myself is: should I have a main updates page that lists updates for whichever column "needs" one, or should I thread updates into (at the end of) the columns themselves? Or both?

Stay tuned to see which option wins.

For the time being, this page will function as an update page, with the newest updates at the bottom.

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